September 26, 2005

US Military Bulk Buying Anthrax

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Too alarming not to cross post:

New Scientist (via Raw Story) THE US military wants to buy large quantities of anthrax, in a controversial move that is likely to raise questions over its commitment to treaties designed to limit the spread of biological weapons.

A series of contracts have been uncovered that relate to the US army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. They ask companies to tender for the production of bulk quantities of a non-virulent strain of anthrax, and for equipment to produce significant volumes of other biological agents.


September 25, 2005

Murkier by the moment

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An Iraqi judge has issued warrants for the two Britiish soldiers arrested by Iraqi police and consequently sprung by the full force of the military in Basra last week. There has been no explanation for the incident described thus by a Syrian TV correspondent:

“Many analysts and observers here had suspicions that the occupation was involved in some armed operations against civilians and places of worship and in the killing of scientists. But those were only suspicions that lacked proof. The proof came today through the arrest of the two British soldiers while they were planting explosives in one of the Basra streets. This proves, according to observers, that the occupation is not far from many operations that seek to sow sedition and maintain disorder, as this would give the occupation the justification to stay in Iraq for a longer period.” Abdel al-Daraji, Muslim cleric in Baghdad told the UK Telegraph that “Britain was plotting to start an ethnic war by carrying out mass-casualty bombings targeting Shia civilians and then blaming the attacks on Sunni groups.”

“Everyone knows the occupiers agenda, said al-Daraji. “Their intention is to keep Iraq an unstable battlefield so they can exploit their interests in Iraq.”

Reuteurs reported:

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) – Two undercover soldiers freed in Basra in a British raid appeared nervous in television footage of their detention which showed wigs, Arab headdresses and weapons apparently used in their mission.

The tired, unshaven pair were shown seated beside the disguises, an anti-tank missile, other weapons and communications equipment in Iraqi state television footage.

One of the soldiers, who appeared to be in his thirties, had spots of blood on his white T-shirt. At one point his comrade, wearing a blue T-shirt, put on one of the thick black wigs and a headdress lying on a table, apparently at the instruction of a policeman who joked that he was a Shi’ite descendent of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad.

Images of the soldiers could hurt British efforts to maintain a low-profile approach to security in Basra, unlike their American allies, who Iraqis complain have fueled resentment in other parts of the country with heavy-handed tactics.

The pair sat forward in their chairs as police discussed the events that led to their detention. One recalled how a crowd formed around the British soldiers’ car when they were detained.

Another pointed out that the pair had electronic positioning devices.

It seems there is no intention to comply with the Iraqi judge’s ruling:

“There is no legal basis for the issue of this arrest warrant. Rather, we have a legal obligation to investigate the allegations ourselves. That is being done as we speak,” a spokesman at the British defense ministry said in London on Saturday.

– some way to build a democracy.

Jim Beam revealed as Bush’s top advisor

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In Plane Sight

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September 23, 2005

down the slippery poll

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Brian Adcock

Any Better now?

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Testing One, Two…..

September 21, 2005


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Testing, testing 1 2 3…